1 . Do I need a Covid-19 Insurance?

    A Covid-19 insurance is one of the mandatory documents to apply for a Australia visa and pre approval documents on arrival in Australia. We always recommend you to buy this Insurance. Because it both gives you many bene...
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    2 . What is the Covid-19 Insurance?

    Covid-19 Insurance is one of the benefits included in a Travel Insurance that you may need when you are far away from your home country.  With this insurance, your benefits cover many expenses. POLICY MAXIMUM BENE...
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    3 . What is the SEPA Transfer?

    The SEPA is in short for The Single Euro Payments Area which is a single market for euro-denominated payments. The European Union (EU) created this idea to harmonise payments across the Eurozone. Countries within the EU...
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    4 . Are children required to apply for Australia Online ETA/eVisitor?

    Yes, all children entering Australia must have a visa which corresponds correctly to their individual passports. Those children included on a parent/guardian’s passport should also apply for an ETA/eVisitor. ...
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    5 . What advantages does the Online ETA/eVisitor provide?

    There certainly are some important advantages to the Australia Online ETA/eVisitor. This ETA/eVisitor can be easily obtained by completing a quick and simple online application. The eligible travellers can fill in the ap...
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    6 . What should I do if I have made a mistake in my online Australia ETA/eVisitor application?

    In the case that you make a mistake while completing your online ETA/eVisitor, please contact us as soon as possible. If you contact us we will assist you in making the necessary amendments on your application before it ...
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    7 . Am I guaranteed admission to Australia?

    An electronic visa for Australia, or any visa for that matter, can guarantee admission to Australia. Please note that the ETA/eVisitor  is a document that grants a visitor permission to travel to and within Australi...
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    8 . Do I need to renew my Australia Online ETA/eVisitor if my passport has changed/expired?

    Your eVisitor is linked to the passport number you use in your application, and you should use the same passport to travel to Australia. If you get a new passport, you should advise us of the new passport details before...
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    9 . How long is an Australia Online ETA/eVisitor valid for?

    Once approved, You can stay in Australia for up to three months on each visit within 12 months from the date your eVisitor is granted . The Australia Online ETA/eVisitor can be obtained for a multiple entry....
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    10 . What kind of information do I need to complete the Australia Online ETA/eVisitor application?

    As an applicant you must be a citizen of an eligible country and hold an ordinary passport with a validity of 6 months from your arrival date. The following information will be required during the application process fo...
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